Patriot Platinum Insurance Plan

Patriot Platinum Insurance® provides coverage for non-U.S. citizens on an overseas trip that is 10 days to 3 years long. The policy can cover up to $8 Million for people 69 years and under. The plan offers $100K coverage for ages 70-79.

Plan Benefits

Patriot Platinum America Insurance® benefits cover a  wide range of expenses as follows:

  • Hospitalization, diagnostics, surgery (up to Policy Maximum)
  • Out-patient doctor office expenses (up to Policy Maximum)
  • Intensive care (Usual, reasonable and Customary charges)(up to Policy Maximum)
  • Prescription Medication (up to Policy Maximum)
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation(up to Policy Maximum)
  • Political Evacuation (up to $100,000)
  • Repatriation (up to $100,000)


Patriot Platinum USA insurance plan is available to non-US Citizens traveling outside their home country.

Individuals who are above 65 years as of the Certificate Effective Date must begin coverage within 30 days of arrival in the U.S. With proof of previous valid international travel insurance, this requirement can be waived.

Patriot Platinum Insurance Rate

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  • PPO Network: With the Patriot Platinum USA Insurance plan, one uses First Health PPO Network within the U.S.
  • Renewal: Policies can be renewed for whole months or days and may be completed online or by using a paper application. Plans to be renewed for less than one month can only be renewed online. If the policy has to be renewed for less than one month, there is an additional US$5 processing fee.
  • Cancellation: If a written request is provided prior to the start of the plan, a full refund of the premium is possible. If no claim has been submitted for reimbursement and the written request is received after the plan Effective Date of coverage, then the unused portion of the plan cost (rounded down to the nearest full month) may be refunded after the deduction of the cancellation fee.

Patriot Platinum Insurance Review:

Our staff often suggest the Patriot Platinum insurance plan to clients seeking a high policy maximum and coinsurance. Patriot Platinum Insurance is one of the few plans that offers a policy limit of $8million for visitors 69yrs and under, and $100,000 for those 70yrs and above. If treatment is sought within the plan’s PPO network, Patriot Platinum USA Insurance plan will cover 90% of the expenses for the first $5000. This is unlike many other plans that pay 80% initially.

It has been observed many times by our agency staff and clients that for the premium, Patriot Platinum America insurance benefits are comprehensive and exceptional.

Visitors Insurance Customer Experience:

Getu Beyene Duguma who visited the USA said "Thank you so much for all your assistance and services you continue to offer to me. I and my family are new to the country and unfortunately had to seek medical help while covered under one of the plans that your company offers. There were several billing & payment mix-ups between the hospital, lab testing and insurance claims department. We even received calls and letters for unsettled amounts from collection agencies. After I brought the matter to your attention you handled the issue in a very timely professional manner.

Thanks to you, all the correct claims have been covered by the insurance company; and I don't have to worry anymore about collectors' warning phone calls and letters."

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